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Download Showbox for Android devices

Download Showbox for Android devices

Download Showbox for Android devices
download showbox for android

Showbox is an app for your entertainment, which includes watching movies, TV shows and many serials. It has a very huge collection of movies and tv serials. You can download and stream the movies you like at the tip of your finger in your smartphones itself. Many people reported that the Showbox app is facing an issue of low servers or no servers. In the latest android app, all the bugs are fixed and the response of the app is amazing. The server problem is completely fixed and proceed to download the file without any hesitation.

Showbox is compatible with all the platforms. It can be downloaded and used in all the platforms and enjoy the movie or serial experience. There are tutorials for downloading and installing Showbox in Android smartphones, IOS smartphones, Windows devices and Mac OS devices. Now you can see the downloading and installing of Showbox for android devices.

Download Showbox App

Showbox allows the user to watch Hollywood movies and TV serials without any interruption. You can use showbox in each and every second of your time and is absolutely free of cost. You can watch and download all your films in the mobile itself. The downloaded data can be found in the internal storage of your Android device. It can be easily transferred to the external storage using any app. There are many file manager apps now a days and can be easily transferred from internal storage to android devices. Once downloaded, the movie or serial files can be visible only in the showbox app. It is not visible in the gallery or even in the MX player. After you transfer the file from internal storage to external storage or any other folder, you can enjoy your movies in MX player or directly from the gallery. You can even download any missed episodes you like. You are always free to download or watch the movies or serials without any restrictions to time and place.

Showbox for Android

Show box out of ignorance only from Show box 3.1 update. Till 4.04 update, this app is developing its stability and performance. From show box version 4.08, the app began its development and grew its popularity. From the 4.10 update, the users faced the problem of low servers or no servers. It is completely resolved in the update 4.65 of show box.


The minimum requirements of the show box app is that the android smartphone device must be running at least Ice cream sandwich. Its better if the android smartphone device is capable of running Lollipop or Marshmallow update of Android.


The download link of show box latest version for android is mentioned below-


Steps to install the Show box app on your android device-

  1. Download the Show box app from the link given above.
  2. After downloading locate the show box app and install it.
  3. If there is a problem in installing, go to setting and tick the option unknown sources. This is useful to install any unknown apk files without the help of google play store.
  4. Just open the app by searching in the apps drawer.
  5. If the app force closes, just close the app and open it once again.
  6. If the app never opens, restart the phone and try to open the app again.
  7. If the problem still persists, try a different version of show box.

Enjoy the app and be entertained all the time.


Features of Show box in Android devices-

  1. It is absolutely free to download and watch unlimited movies and tv serials without any bounds and boundaries.
  2. The interface of the show box app is very simple in design and the graphics are ample.
  3. You are free to watch your stuff in full high definition and also in other qualities according to your opinion and data.
  4. You can access all the downloaded files in the show box app even if you are away from the data or wifi network.
  5. The show box app is completely user friendly and have no disgusting options that irritate the users.
  6. Show box does not ask for any details of login. It does not even ask your location to be turned on.
  7. Show box app has different categories like comedy, romance, cartoons, horror, thriller, science fiction and many more. You can easily select your desired category.
  8. The video or movie displayed in the show box app is of very high quality and the user experience completely depends on the type of android smartphone you own. If you own a low resolution device, the video quality will be low and the same way if the smartphone resolution is high, your video quality will also be high. It cannot be high unless your phone resolution quality is high.
  9. All your favorite shows can be moved to library where you can access it any time and any place.
  10. You are free to share your downloaded movies via share it or other apps or you can transfer it to the computer by means of a data cable.

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