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Download ShowBox for Windows Phone (Show Box For Windows/Microsoft OS)

ShowBox for Windows : Show Box app is compatible with all the platforms namely Android, Linux, Mac, IOS, Windows PC and also Windows Phone. Windows phone 7, Windows phone 8, Windows phone 8.1, Windows phone 10 and all the denim updates are compatible for this installation of the show box app. Show box is very popular and well known application for streaming and downloading movies and tv serials at no cost. Don’t worry when you miss a tv serial or a movie. Just worry that you did not install show box app on your smartphone and be happy that you found an easy tutorial for installing show box on your smartphone device.

showbox for windows phone
showbox for windows phone

Show box app helps you save your money and time. You can freely watch the movies in your home itself without having any stress and other burdens. You can always stream and download your favorite movies for free and also share the movies you have downloaded. There are no hurdles to watch movies. No struggle if you download and install Show box app on your smartphone device perfectly. No matter about the type of device or the operating system of the device you are using, the Show box app will work for sure unless it is not a touch screen device with minimum specifications. Just follow the tutorial of how to install Show box on your Windows phone, that is on your lumia devices.

Lumia devices use Windows operating system. We know that windows operating system is completely user friendly and can be developed easily. But the turn is in opposite direction for the Windows Phone or Lumia devices. The app development is very low. Even the Blackberry devices support Android Framework, so they can install both blackberry apps and android apps in their blackberry devices. The Lumia devices are a bit lacking in all the terms. But the only aspect you need to be happy is that the Lumia devices are free of bugs for the Show box app. Even the tech geeks reviewed the show box app for Lumia devices and rated 5 out of 5, the most of them. It also has a very good response from the users and can even become competition to the android platform.


Show Box for Windows

Show box for windows phone is available in previous days but is currently out of date as it is against the rules of the Store and so it has been banned from the store. There is no official or unofficial way of downloading show box for lumia devices but you can simply download movie box app from the link provided below which is the best alternative to show box. It will be wrong even if we call this app as an alternative because the movie box app completely resembles the Show box app. Even the interface of the movie box app is completely similar to the Show box app. Even all the IOS users are using movie box app and enjoying the streaming and downloading of their favorite movies and tv serials without even paying a single penny. You can enjoy this app any time, any where, any place, but the only thing you need to have is a smartphone and a data connection or wifi network to download the movies or serials.

The show box app can be installed from the PC itself and this is only from the official windows phone central website for various windows devices. If you are a noob, just follow my instructions that I mention below-

Show Box for Windows
Show Box for Windows

Installation of Show box / Movie box on Windows phone devices –

  1. First you need to have a windows phone charged to at least 25 % of OS battery level as the windows phone may completely get ripped if the battery is dead immediately.
  2. Tap on the link mentioned below and click on download for downloading the show box for windows phone.

Download link for Show box for Windows phone

  1. The current version of the app is v1.2.10.25 and it is completely bug free version. This update was released on the month of May and in the year 2015.
  2. QR code link is also available for the easy downloading of the app without any complex process.
  3. Once it gets downloaded, you need to click on install and you will need to meet the requirements to install the movie box app on Windows phone devices.

Download Showbox App


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