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Download Showbox for iPhone

Showbox for iPhone

Show Box for IPHONE devices includes all the devices namely iPads of all versions and s of all versions. The Show box application is the biggest hit of all apps as it is very reliable and is completely free to watch any movie unless it is not released. All the leaked movies and scenes also does not come into the show box app or show box servers. I have already mentioned the tutorial of show box for Windows pc and Android. Now I am going to show and explain you the complete tutorial of installing show box app on IPHONE devices. This is completely new idea of installing show box on IPHONE devices and the methods are mentioned below.

download showbox for iphone
download showbox for iphone


IOS is the OS of the devices released by Apple. The best feature of the Apple devices is that the apps developed by apple or their developers are compatible with almost all the devices. Even though it is not an open source, it has got many applications when compared to android and windows devices. If you heard about Jailbreaking, close that window as soon as you can and follow my tutorial. This process I am going to show and describe you is 100 % genuine and working process. There will be no problems any more with this application.showbox app for ios default

Firstly, you have some few things to do.

  1. Go to Settings, General and turn off Auto Update time.
  2. Restart the and check there are no other problems.

There are two methods for installing Show box for IPHONE devices. They are described below-

Method 1 :- Installing show box with the help of vShare.

vShare is the best IPHONE apps market. It has all the apps like Spotify, Gmail, Pics art, Google Drive, Twitter and many more. This has more than 1 million resources that are latest and hottest from all round the world. These are absolutely free to download and use. There is no need of any subscription and payments. You can completely say good bye to Apple ID as vShare will provide you completely genuine apps that will work 100 %. If there is any application crash, you can directly connect to vShare helper and get help online by reporting a bug. This method will provide you 100 % success rate without any failures. One more special thing about this vShare is that you can use all the apps without jailbreaking your iPhone devices.

vShare is available for both Apple and Android devices and the download links are given below.

vShare helper for IPHONE devices

vShare for Android devices

vShare for IPHONE devices

Steps for Installing Show box in IPHONE devices-

  1. After opening the above link, just download the unjailbroken button.
  2. With in a few minutes, it will pop up and ask for installation. Just press on install and it will automatically get installed in your IPHONE device.
  3. You can find vShare app in your apps drawer in less than five minutes.
  4. When you open the app, it will ask you permission to trust or do not trust. Just press on Trust and the vShare app will get opened.
  5. After opening you will find a search bar. Search for Movie box app and there you can find many results. Select the Movie box app and press download.
  6. Once downloaded, it will prompt you whether to install or cancel. Now you need to tap on install and wait for the device to install the Movie box app. Once it is installed, you can find the movie box app in the apps drawer.
  7. When you open the app for the first time, it will ask you permission as it asked you for vShare.
  8. Just follow the same instructions as said for the vShare and you can access the movie box app. Movie box app is the Show box version for all IPHONE devices.

Method 2 :-

For this method to work, you need to go to settings, then tap on general, change date and time and turn off auto update date and time. You need to set the time on your phone as December 1 st, 2014.

Steps for installing Show box app for IPHONE devices ( IPA Method )-

  1. Open your Safari internet browser.
  2. Click on the below mentioned link and you will be directed to Show box download link.

Download link

  1. Click on the install app and the app gets installed to your IPHONE device automatically without any restrictions.
  2. The same steps are to be followed from the step 7 in the method 1 for the proper functioning and working of the show box app.

These are the two steps for installing show box on IPHONE devices. These two methods are very simple and easy, but when coming to the time and length, the second method occupies first place in the competition.

Try out these methods and leave your problems and wishes in the comments below.

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